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Spring 2019 T-Bird Update

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Thunderbird is happy to say that we have grown out of our old office. In May 2019 Thunderbird moved into a new and larger office building, located at 13 Heritage Park Road in Clinton, Connecticut.

Greetings! Welcome to the Spring 2019 TBird "Flight Status" update, presenting recent company news, information, and fun things we enjoy sharing with our friends, colleagues, and valued clients. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or comments about the items in this update.

Employee Spotlight

Ryan McKay and Jean Vossler Celebrate One Year With Thunderbird

Ryan McKay (far right) and Jean Vossler (far left) Celebrated one year with Thunderbird in March and April 2019, respectively. Ryan and Jean are two amazing professionals who have helped create and shape the culture of our small but growing company. Jean and Ryan have each become a trusted resource for our many valued clients, and we are truly blessed to have them on our team. Congratulations to Ryan and Jean on your one year anniversary at Thunderbird Environmental!

Connor Remington Joins the Thunderbird Team of Professionals

Connor Remington has joined the Thunderbird team of professionals as a Staff Geologist in our Clinton, Connecticut office. Connor is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Geospatial Technology. In his free time Connor enjoys playing tennis at the local courts or hiking one of the many trails along the shoreline near his hometown of Guilford, Connecticut. Connor is also a volunteer with the Guilford Land Conservation Trust on the weekends, where he helps with the process of digitally mapping newly acquired property boundaries. Connor can often be found relaxing reading a book or watching baseball. Welcome aboard Connor!


Thanks to the continued support of our valued clients and teaming partners, Thunderbird is happy to say that we have grown out of our old office. In May 2019 Thunderbird moved into a new and larger office building, located at 13 Heritage Park Road in Clinton, Connecticut. Our new office building was reportedly constructed in 1974 for Godiva Chocolate Company executives, and the building features Mid-century modern architecture, including a flat roof, angular details, expansive walls of glass, and clean lines. The new office space is just a really cool place to come to work each day, and we all love it. A special thank you goes out to our new landlords (Thank you T and Herb) for allowing us to access the new space (rent-free) a few weeks before the move so that we could paint and make some minor renovations. The extra elbow room will enable Thunderbird to continue to grow and to meet the needs of our clients throughout New England and beyond.

Thanks to Dawn, Jessie, and Cedar Hittle for getting all the painting done in the new office before the big move. Thanks to Jean, Connor, and Ryan for working hard all day on moving day to minimize our company down time to a single day. We were closed on Friday May 31st, and we re-opened for business on the following Monday. The phones didn't work right away and we couldn't print anything for while, but after a few weeks in our new space things seem to be working well. :) Please feel free to stop by and check out our new office location if you're in the neighborhood.

Thunderbird Therapy


In May 2019, Thunderbird team members Ryan McKay and Darby Hittle were fortunate enough to score two tickets to a Boston Red Sox home game at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The seats were located right behind home plate, and I don't believe we'll ever have seats like that again. The obligatory hot sausage and cold beer were pretty good too. Special thanks to James F. for providing those special MLB tickets. We'll never forget it!

Thank you for reading the Spring 2019 TBird Flight Status update. We hope you enjoyed hearing about all that's been going on with us lately at Thunderbird. We look forward to updating you again in the Spring.

- Darby and the entire TBird Team

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