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Our Services

Thunderbird specializes in Environmental Assessments (EAs), Water Quality Evaluations, Subsurface Investigations, Site Remediation, and Feasibility Studies throughout North America.  Thunderbird's leadership and staff are well versed in a wide range of regulatory programs to assist our clients with their specific project needs. 

NEPA Support and Ecological Studies​​​

Thunderbird provides a full range of NEPA assessment and documentation support including completion of Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), and ecological studies. Thunderbird has a vast network of trusted teaming partners and subject matter experts that enable us to assist our federal and private sector clients with the NEPA

process in a rapid, efficient, and defensible manner. We prepare comprehensive environmental documents that describe purpose and need, evaluate alternatives, characterize the affected environment, and identify the environmental impacts associated with a proposed action. 

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Environmental Assessments

Thunderbird Environmental LLC staff have completed hundreds of environmental site assessments for our federal and private sector clients throughout North America. Our team of site assessment professionals are well versed in the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) process and have extensive experience assisting clients with the property ownership transfer and due diligence process.

Remedial Investigation, Planning and Oversight Services

Thunderbird staff members have extensive experience with assessment and characterization of contaminated sites ranging from site assessments for property transactions to urban redevelopments, PCB sites, energy facilities, waterfront improvements, and federally regulated cleanup projects.

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Storm Water Management and Water Resource Protection

Thunderbird offers a wide range of storm water and water resource protection services from storm water management plans and design development to permitting and compliance monitoring. Our experience includes addressing our client’s storm water issues during both construction and operations of their developments and facilities.

Underground Storage Tank Removal Oversight and Closure Services

Thunderbird provides underground storage tank removal oversight and closure services, including tank excavation inspection, post-excavation confirmatory soil sampling, soil remediation oversight, and post-closure reporting. Our services include communication and correspondence with property owners, legal counsel, regulatory officials and third parties.

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Digging at Construction Site

Industrial Health and Safety Support

Thunderbird provides federal and private sector clients with safety program development, compliance assistance and auditing, and training programs. We practice what we preach by maintaining a strong culture and commitment to ensuring our own employees’ health and safety. We take pride in our safety programs and strive to develop tailor-made solutions that meet your organization’s specific compliance needs.

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