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Remedial Investigation,

Planning and Oversight Services

Thunderbird staff members have extensive experience with the assessment and characterization of contaminated sites ranging from site assessments for property transactions to urban redevelopments, PCB sites, energy facilities, waterfront improvements, and federally regulated cleanup projects.

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Thunderbird’s remedial investigation, planning and oversight services include:

  • Construction Inspection and Environmental Monitoring

  • Contaminant Fate and Transport Modeling

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Database Management and Development

  • Evaluation of Cleanup Criteria

  • Environmental Liability Assessments and Management Strategies

  • Groundwater and Subsurface Investigations

  • Groundwater Modeling

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling 

  • Indoor Air Monitoring

  • Landfill Leachate Evaluation

  • NAPL and DNAPL Delineation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Sampling and Analysis Plans

  • Soil Gas Surveys

  • Surface Water and Sediment Sampling

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