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Annual Thunderbird Holiday Party Turned A Christmas Story

Thunderbird planned its annual holiday party at a favorite rustic and elegant venue, with a wine room awaiting, and the TBird team all on their way! An hour before the party, a call flew out to everyone to adjust plans. The desired locale was unavailable due to gusty winds and a power outage at the venue. With the help of some local restaurant connections, and Dawn’s excellent communication skills, everyone rapidly arrived at the new location. (It should be noted that Darby’s motto at TBird is “Environmental consultants are in the business of problem-solving.”)

Just like the family in A Christmas Story, the Thunderbird staff and family, joined by HRP Associates CEO Dan Titus and Principal and Regional Manager Jason Beach, gathered at Clinton's Taste of China restaurant for an evening together. The party was filled with laughter and raucous conversations. Darby told stories and thanked individuals for their unique contributions. The friendly and welcoming staff at the restaurant - complete with an over-stocked bar- helped create an unexpected, yet fun event to remember.

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